I made this website to pay tribute to the diehard fans of the UFC & MMA. This website is not affiliated with the UFC or Zuffa LLC at all. UFCfan.net is not a business, it is a non-profit website that I run out of my own pocket. The main point of this website is to give the diehard fans a place to show off their collections and to also pay my respects to the UFC! It's as simple as that!

My name is Ken Armstrong, currently unemployed and a UFC junkie. I dabble with web and graphic design, so I thought I'd put that talent to use and make this website. I collect MMA memorabilia and love seeing other people's collections as well. I do hope people will enjoy this website and share their collections through it.

I was hooked on the UFC ever since watching the first event in 1993. When I saw it, my first reaction was "it's about time!". Finally someone had created a tournament where fighting talents were truly put to the test. I have nothing but pure respect for Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta for bringing the UFC to life (and all others who were involved). The UFC brought life back into the 'martial arts'...

Physically, I am in pretty bad shape with a lot of spinal issues - so my athletic days are sadly over to say the least... So watching MMA continues to make me smile - even if it's from the sidelines as an armchair warrior! Each piece of memorabilia I collect brings back memories of the fights that I watched - collecting UFC & MMA 'stuff' is highly addictive...

I did my best to not violate any copyright laws that I know of while building this website. All images to do with the layout I either photographed myself or created in photoshop. I am not clear however on all copyright laws, so if there are any issues at all, please just contact me first to talk about it before anything else. For photographs people have sent in, I can only trust that they know the laws regarding copyright. The simple rule I follow is "if the photo is not taken by you, DO NOT SEND IT IN". If there are any issues surrounding someone's image that they sent in, it will most likely be removed to avoid any hassles - it's just easier that way.

To open your email program and send me a note, just click here, or use the webform page to contact me.

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