This MMA collection belongs to Ken Armstrong of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Ken's girlfriend is very patient and tolerates a lot as you can clearly tell.

Some of the autographed items include gloves signed by Randy Couture, Brock Lesnar, Kenny Florian, Wanderlei Silva, Royce Gracie, Dan Henderson and many more!

The most unique items in this collection are the autographed Tapout glasses signed by Mark Hominick, Sam Stout, Rich Franklin, and Kenny Florian.

Ken has been collecting UFC items for a few years now and get's his memorabilia by attending autograph sessions, fan expos, and from a friend in the USA that owns an incredible memorabilia store.

"You can have a page like this created for your collection - you can include your name or remain anonymous.

Some collectors may even want to sell their collections or parts of it - you are welcome to include your contact information in the submission. I will post it for you."

Go check out the submission page.

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