David "Tank" Abbotts Tiger wrestling shoes he wore in UFC Ultimate Ultimate 95 on December 16, 1995 in Denver, CO. Tank won his first fight tapping out Steve Jennum with knee pressure into Jennums head against the cage and later lost a decision to Dan "The Beast" Severn of Coldwater, MI in a long grueling ground battle. Tank will go down in history as one of the UFC's toughest dudes and it is a real pleasure to display a rare piece of history in these yellow Tigers.
I purchased these shoes from Bryan Grooms, the guy who put on the Tank Abbott vs. Scott Ferrozzo2 backyard brawl. He purchased them from Dan "The Wolfman" Theodore who use to train with Tank Abbott. Tank saw "The Wolfman" needed some shoes one day and gave them to him. I think these shoes will some day find there way to the UFC museum.

These gloves are owned by Ed Theisen and can also be viewed at www.ufccollection.com

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